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What a State Fishing License 2012 Gets You.

For many anglers, barbless hooks offer a new challenge, one that pits their skill against the fish's without the aid of the barb of a hook. After a brief adjustment, most people catch the same number of fish (or more) with barbless hooks. This is attributed to the hook penetrating the fish's lip faster since the barb doesn't slow it down.

Pros and Cons of Using Barbless Hooks

  • Pro it causes much less damage (and pain) to the fish. This means healthier and happier fish ready to be caught next time.
  • Pro if you hook your brother's eyebrow it's much easier to remove (the hook, not your brother's eyebrow).
  • Con You have to get used to using barbless fishing hooks for fishing. A few fish may get away as you learn. This might be even more so with inexperienced anglers.
  • Con it may be more difficult to find the hooks and lures you want, although this is changing.