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Eastern Box Turtle on the C&O Canal at Swain's Lock

May 8, 2012

This morning I was walking on the C&O towpath and came across a beautiful Eastern Box Turtle. He was sitting on the side by the canal. I'm guessing he either swam there or was turning around once he saw the water.

Eastern Box Turtle

I keep saying "he" and after some research I believe this to be correct. He didn't seem too concerned about us taking his picture but we didn't pick him up so I couldn't check underneath or really look at the tail. Evidently males have a "slightly concave plastron" and for females it is flat. Wikipedia tells me the plastron is the bottom of the turtle. The tail is also supposed to be longer and wider on the male according to the Davidson College Herpetology Lab Page.

I was able to look at the eyes which are supposed to be orange or red while females are brown or light orange. From the picture I'd say the eyes are red and therefore I'm guessing male.

Eastern Box Turtle

On the way back we checked to see if the broad nosed skink was out. We could see it peering up from it hiding place in the wooden beam but it must have been too overcast for any sunning to take place.

Fishing was better today and I caught a few small bass and a nice bluegill. Perhaps earlier in the morning is better for fishing the canal.

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