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Tree Frog Sounds on the Potomac River

June 21, 2012

Yesterday evening I was down on the Potomac River and experienced some of the loudest tree frog sounds I've ever heard. It was more than just being loud, they were a bit on the insane side.

Potomac River at dusk

Tree frogs in general aren't that large of an animal so it's impressive the volume they could achieve. But then again, a whistle isn't very large and it can pack a pretty good punch. But for some reason it was fairly easy to tune out the tree frog sounds, probably because it was so hot and we were so tired.

Listen to the Tree Frog Sounds

Usually it would be quiet for a bit and then one frog would make a quieter call. Then another would answer and pretty soon they'd all be going full tilt. Perhaps I'll go back and get a half hour or so and play it next Halloween.

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