Alabama Fishing License 2015-2016

Information and Where to Buy Your AL Fishing License

Interested in fishing in Alabama? You'll need to buy the right fishing license if you want to fish in 2015-2016. Here's the deal...

Where to Buy Your 2015-2016 Alabama Fishing License

morning on the Potomac RiverGetting your Alabama fishing license for 2015-2016 online is one option, though there's a 2% fee and you have to supply your Social Security Number. If you'd rather not provide your SSN through an online form, you can buy licenses in person at sporting goods retail stores, county courthouses and marinas.

You can also buy your saltwater fishing license the same way.

NOTE: the license year runs from September 1-August 31, so plan accordingly.

Freshwater resident licenses cost $13.10 for the 2015-2016 year. Check out the full list of freshwater licenses and fees and saltwater license and fees information. Anyone over 50 can get a lifetime license for as little as $162.70.

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Interesting Facts About the Alabama Fishing License 2015-2016

Alabama's Free Fishing Day for 2015 was on Saturday June 6th. They don't have info for 2016 so be sure to check the web site for confirmation.

Alabama's web site states, "Fishing licenses are required for residents age 16 years through age 64 who fish with rod and reel or artificial bait. An Alabama fishing license or a Wildlife Heritage License is required to fish with hook and line outside county of legal residence or from a boat anywhere on freshwater." So it sounds like if you want to fish from the shore or a dock with a hook and line in your home county, you're set.

The regulations are available online (freshwater). Saltwater information is also available. See the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for more info about Alabama fishing licenses for 2013.

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