Florida Fishing License 2015

Information and Where to Buy Your FL Fishing License

Getting a Florida fishing license for 2015 probably isn't much different from past years. What surprises me is the range of different options that exist.

One of the best things about getting a fishing license in Florida is that you have the option of getting a lifetime license. If you do the math you might find it's worth the trouble (if you have the up-front money).

Florida Fishing License 2015 - Freshwater

It's $17.00 for a resident freshwater license. To me, it makes sense to get a lifetime freshwater Florida fishing license if you have the money available. You have do do the math to see if it works for you. After 65 you don't have to pay. If you want to get an amazing first birthday present for someone this is it.

There also seems to be a 5 year license available as well.

Note that you have to be over 16 to order lifetime FL fishing licenses online. Otherwise it's off to the tax collector's office. Check to see what you need to bring.

There are several different combination hunting, freshwater and saltwater Florida fishing licenses. For folks that fish and hunt this is a good deal.

Florida Fishing License 2015 - Saltwater

It turns out that saltwater fishing licenses have the same fee structure as freshwater. Not a bad deal since Florida has a lot of shoreline.

There is a 12 month salt/fresh combo for $32.50 but they don't appear to have a lifetime freshwater/saltwater fishing license available.

If you're annoyed they don't have a lifetime freshwater/saltwater combo, you can still can get a license to farm alligators for $250.

Where to Buy Your 2015 Florida Fishing License

Getting your Florida fishing license 2015 online is one option.

You can also get a Florida fishing license (2015) from some local sports stores or the county tax collector's offices.

Interesting Facts About the Florida Fishing License 2015

The freshwater and saltwater free fishing days are listed and provide a few days each year where you can fish without a fishing license.

See the Florida Fish and Wildife Conservation Commission for more info about the Florida fishing license (2015).

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