New Jersey Fishing License 2015

Information and Where to Buy Your NJ Fishing License

Interested in fishing in New Jersey? You'll need to buy the right fishing license if you want to fish in 2015. I bought a license this year to try out some new barbless hooks. Here's the deal...

Where to Buy Your 2015 New Jersey Fishing License

Getting your New Jersey fishing license for 2015 online is one option. If you're not too keen on providing your social security number in an online form, you can go to any of the license agents (listed by county) and provide it in person. After the first time you provide your SSN, you should be able to use the Conservation ID number they give you.

Barbless hooks are safer (for you and the fish), allow you to set the hook faster, and ... read more.

Interesting Facts About the New Jersey Fishing License 2015

June 13 and October 17 will be New Jersey's Free Fishing Days in 2015. That means anyone can fish without a license or trout stamp. (All other regulations still apply, though.)

Be sure to check out the "Special Licenses and Permits" section. Active duty military, disabled veterans, and NJ National Guard members are eligible for special deals.

New Jersey doesn't have a separate marine license for general fishing, but they do want you to participate in the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program. Activities like crabbing and clamming are different, so you probably need a shellfish license for those.

Be sure to read the freshwater and marine regulations before you head out. See the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for more info about the New Jersey fishing license 2015.

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