New York Fishing License 2015-2016

Information and Where to Buy Your NY Fishing License

Interested in fishing in New York? You'll need to buy the right fishing license if you want to fish in 2015-2016. Here's the deal...

Where to Buy Your 2015-2016 New York Fishing License

NOTE: Licenses are valid from October 1 through September 30.

If you're over 16 years of age, and not eligible for a free license, you'll need to buy one. Getting your New York fishing license for 2015-2016 online is one option. If you're not too keen on online forms, you can go to any of the license agents and get one in person. See the full list of sporting license fees and packages.

You can get a lifetime fishing license if you want to avoid future fee increases. They can even be transferred, in certain cases.

Barbless hooks are safer (for you and the fish), allow you to set the hook faster, and ... read more.

Interesting Facts About the New York Fishing License 2015-2016

New York's Free Fishing Weekend is always the last full weekend in June. Anyone can fish without a license, but all other regulations still apply. In November 11, 2015 (Veteran's Day) has also been declared a free fishing day. There are a number of other events where no fishing license is required; see the list of Free Fishing Day Clinics.

There are reciprocal fishing license agreements for Lake Champlain. Be sure to follow the rules for New York or Vermont, depending which part you're in.

If you're heading for marine or coastal waters, register in the no-fee marine recreational fishing registry.

Be sure to read the regulations before you head out. See the New York Department of Environmental Conservation for more info about the New York fishing license 2015-2016.

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