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What an Ohio Fishing License 2015-2016 Gets You.

Ohio Fishing License 2015-2016

Information and Where to Buy Your OH Fishing License

Ohio is another one of those states where the licensing period runs from March 1 to the end of February. So if you want to get your Ohio fishing license for 2015-2016, mind the expiration date. My guess is that people in Ohio start fishing around March so that's a good time to get your license.

Getting an Ohio fishing license in 2015-2016 is pretty straightforward since Ohio is in the middle of the country and salt water fishing isn't an option. Residents age 16 - 65 pay $19 for their OH fishing license in 2015-2016 and seniors pay $10.

You can get your Ohio fishing license online fairly easily. This seems to be a decent option (they don't ask for as much personal information as other states). They also have a search feature to find an Ohio fishing license vendor in your area.

You won't need an Ohio fishing license to fish on May 2 and 3, 2015 (free fishing days).

Ohio Fishing Regulations 2015-2016

You can find Ohio fishing regulations (2015-2016) online. It's probably worth a look since they do have regulations specific to certain lakes and so on.

Finally, you might consider going one of the fishing clubs in Ohio to enhance your fishing skills.

Barbless hooks are safer (for you and the fish), allow you to set the hook faster, and ... read more.