Pennsylvania Fishing License 2015

Information and Where to Buy Your PA Fishing License

Interested in fishing in Pennsylvania? You'll need to buy the right fishing license if you want to fish in 2015. Here's the deal...

Where to Buy Your 2015 Pennsylvania Fishing License

Getting your Pennsylvania fishing license for 2015 online is one option. You have to provide some personal information (either Driver's License Number or Social Security Number), or a CID number if you're already a customer.

If giving out this information online makes you uneasy, you can always get one in person. The Pennsylvania DNR has a list of stores where you can buy a fishing license. There are over 1000 of these stores in and around Pennsylvania. A basic license will cost you $21.70.

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Interesting Facts About the Pennsylvania Fishing License 2015

This year, the two Fish-For-Free days are May 24, 2015 (Memorial Day) and July 4, 2015 (Independence Day). Resident or non-resident, you don't need a license to fish on these two days. All other Fishing Regulations still apply, though.

You'll need a specific permit if you're going to fish Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay or any tributaries. Read more about the Lake Erie Permit.

Likewise, if you're after trout or salmon, you'll need to purchase a Trout/Salmon stamp to do so.

See the Pennsylvania DNR for more info about Pennsylvania fishing licenses for 2015.

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