South Carolina Fishing License 2015-2016

Information and Where to Buy Your SC Fishing License

Interested in fishing in South Carolina? You'll need to buy the right fishing license if you want to fish in 2015-2016. Here's the deal...

Where to Buy Your 2015-2016 South Carolina Fishing License

Getting your South Carolina fishing license for 2015-2016 online is one option, though there's a $3.00 transaction fee. They do require your Social Security Number. If you'd rather not provide that information online, you can look up the nearest license agent in South Carolina, listed by county. Still another option is the mail-in application.

Resident licenses start at $10, but anyone under 16 doesn't need one. There's a lifetime license for $300, which might be worth it if you think you're going to be fishing for at least another 30 years.

Note: the license year runs from July 1 through June 30.

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Interesting Facts About the South Carolina Fishing License 2015-2016

If you're more interested in coastal fishing, there's a zoomable map of the freshwater & saltwater dividing line. It's probably worth it to check out the saltwater regulations, too.

Be sure to read the freshwater fishing regulations before you head out. They also have information on free fishing days (freshwater) on their site. They fall on Memorial Day (May 30, 2016) and Independence Day (July 4, 2016).

See the South Carolina DNR for more info about South Carolina fishing licenses for .

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